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​The Project Canvas blog is currently accepting posts! Essentially, we publish a ‘guest post’ every Friday, in addition to our ‘admin post’ on Monday.  Please read our guidelines and feel free to email us with questions. We love writing friends. 

Posts should:

  • be emailed to
  • be professional, well-formatted, and little to no edits needed
  • focus on writing/inspirational/creative topics.
  • fit the ‘mission’ of Project Canvas - advice and motivation geared towards teen/young adult writers about topics you have expertise in or passion about
  • not contain any copyrighted material that is not your own.
    • That includes pictures found on Google, Pinterest, etc. If you still wish to include pictures in your post, please use your own, or find copyright & commercial-free stock photos on websites like and If you use a free stock photo, send us the link to it in your email, so we can make sure it isn’t copyrighted.
  • not be excessively long. We don’t have a word count limit at this time, but just...a good, sensible length would be very nice.
  • be set in Times New Roman, 12 point font

Other Notes
  • If you submitted an article to be published in our book, please do not submit the same topic as a blog post.
  • If your blog post has special formatting that can’t just be copied and pasted, we will work with you to get it all up there in one piece.  You can start by sending us a second file with the entire HTML code for the post pasted in it.

Permission to Edit

  • When you submit a blog post, you give our editors permission to make minor edits for things such as grammar and obvious typos. We don’t have the time to go back and forth with the author to fix every single little thing, so we will just do the little stuff ourselves.  

Email all submissions and questions to and let your friends know about this opportunity!

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